Saturday 5th Aug 2000
Heath's Place, Parkdale
Guitar : Andrew Bowie
Vocals : Heath Smith
Drums : Bruce Chan
Lego Woman
Lovers' Lane
City Loop
Right Again
"Passenger", Powderfinger
"Street Spirit (Fade Out)", Radiohead
"Hindley Street", Powderfinger
Lego Woman (acoustic)
The first public performance of any of our songs.

After writing some songs together since August 1999 Heath and Andrew roped Bruce in to play drums. We spent July practising and solidifying our songs with Bruce, finally calling a party in August to show off our work.

We played in Heath's backyard in his garage, entirely (amplified) acoustic except for Lego Woman. We had no bass player.

Friend Daniel enjoyed the set so much he asked us if he could join the band on bass.

Bruce's band followed our set. Neither of the bands were named at the time but only days later we settled on "Walken".

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