Saturday 17th Feb 2001
Duke Of Windsor, Prahran
Guitar: Andrew Bowie
Vocals : Heath Smith
Drums : Bruce Chan
Bass : Daniel Soussan
Stick Woman (soundcheck)
Lego Woman
City Loop
In A Hitman's Brain
You Could Be Happier
Lovers' Lane
Right Again
With Me
After Heath and Andrew's short set in January for Australian Songwriter's Association (ASA) open mic night, we were invited back for a full band set.

After practising the two nights before the gig we settled on a set of our most complete songs.

The gig was in the late afternoon in front of around forty people, half of whom were friends.

It was the final ASA gig at the Duke of Windsor, and the first and last gig for Walken for a year and a half.

This is the last time the songs "City Loop", "Monkey", "With Me" and "You Could Be Happier" were played live.

Very soon after the gig Daniel left for a year long trip to Europe.

In his absence the rest of the band recorded demos, wrote a lot of songs, recorded the Glory (Misunderstood) single, lost Bruce as a drummer and half heartedly tried to find a bass replacement.

In the end they waited for Daniel to return and started looking for a drummer, finally finding Leigh, finalising the line up that wouldn't change until the band's end at the end of 2004...

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