Sunday 14th Jul 2002
The Tote, Collingwood
Photos Of Being
The Junkers
One Of These Days
Blue Sky
Wait For Tomorrow
Pick Me Last
So Over It
"Driver 8" - R.E.M.
Lovers' Lane
Free Ride
In A Hitman's Brain
Right Again
Lego Woman
Our first public gig since Daniel returned from Europe, and since gaining Leigh on drums.

With a set half filled with new songs, the gig was well received and the turn out was very good for a Sunday night. A lot of friends wanted to see us finally play and turn up to show their support.

Compared to the last gig almost a year and a half ago, we introduced a few new songs, dropped a lot of average ones and introduced our cover of R.E.M.'s "Driver 8".

Andrew had the flu for this gig and barely remembers a thing, except throwing up afterwards. He also remembers "Lucy" sounding rubbish. The band didn't played it seriously again.

Heath reviewed the gig:
'Photos Of Being' were up first, they put us all to shame with their insanely catchy songs! "Into the sun..." was stuck in my head all night! Highlights: Dave doing the scissor kick at the start of 'Stereotype', Chris' ace guitar noises.

Our friends 'The Junkers' were up next, who kicked out the rock moves par excellance! Highlights: Bruce with the awesome scream in 'EmAm'! (Now called 'The Wind'), Daniel with the awesome drum solos in 'Passing Lane'.

Special Thanks to Nick (the mixer) for putting 'Wonder Boy' on after the gig! Awesome! :)

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