Wednesday 7th Aug 2002
Armadale Hotel Back Room, Armadale
8:45 - Mineral Sands
9:30 - WALKEN
10:15 - Fare Evasion
Lovers' Lane
One Of These Days (with Rob)
Free Ride (with Rob)
"Driver 8" - R.E.M.
So Over It (with Rob)
Glory (Misunderstood)
Blue Sky
I Like It

Right Again
"Open Mic" night at The Armadale Back Room saw Walken performing their first public acoustic gig as a full band. With friend Rob helping out on the Irish Drum (Bodhrán) they worked their way through a well received short set.

Two live songs from this set (Glory and I Like It) were eventually included on the "Glory (Misunderstood)" single. This was the first time "I Like It" was played live.

Heath reviewed the night:
Mineral Sands played a nice, laid back set - a little remeniscent of Neil Young / Sparklehorse.

Our set went well, especially the inclusion of Rob on the Bodhrán (Irish Drum) adding some really nice atmosphere. Leigh's bongos were fantastic as well.

Fare Evasion was last up, keeping the place happy with their dose of 4x4 rock.

A quiet one, with the room about half full - but a great reception! Thanks to everyone that came!

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