Thursday 15th Aug 2002
The Barleycorn, Collingwood
9:00 - The Junkers
10:00 - WALKEN
11:00 - Photos of Being
12:00 - The Rumours
Open Wounds (soundcheck)
Lovers' Lane
One Of These Days
Wait For Tomorrow
Give It Up
Pick Me Last
Free Ride
"Kiara", Look Who's Toxic
Blue Sky
In A Hitman's Brain
Right Again
I Like It
Memories of this night are hazy but are helped by various recordings thanks to friend KennSJ. The "mistakes" referred to below aren't particularly obvious but there are a few guitar pedal malfunctions.

Walken played a quick little tribute to Look Who's Toxic's "Kiara" as one of their members was in the room.

This was the first time the songs "Open Wounds" (still with working title "John Denver"), "Away" and "Give It Up" were played in public.

Our review of the night from 2002:
On the 15th of August, Walken played a "school night" gig at the Barleycorn in Collingwood. Although there seemed to be quite a good crowd reaction to the 50 or so minute set, the band was not entirely happy with the end result.

A few almost inperceptable mistakes, the band was a little loose on the night, but we've taken each mistake and turned it into a learning experience, that is "never will a mistake be made again..." :)

All in all though it was still a cracker of a night! The Barleycorn was a great venue, and their Barleycorn Bitters helped calm the nerves and loosen the vocal cords.

Big thanks go out to the Junkers, Photos of Being and the Rumours for some soulful music.

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