Friday 30th Aug 2002
The 9th Ward, Melbourne
9:15pm - WALKEN
10:15pm - Sideshow
11:15pm - Vessel
Ed (Soundcheck)

Lovers' Lane
One Of These Days
Give It Up
Pick Me Last
"Driver 8" - R.E.M.
Free Ride
Blue Sky
In A Hitman's Brain
Right Again
I Like It
Fond memories remain of the one-and-only 9th Ward Walken gig. The venue was burnt-out not too long after our gig so we never returned.

Walken review of the gig from 2002 says it all:
After causing traffic carnage in Flinders Lane and missing running over pedestrians by two hundred honks of the horn, WALKEN arrived and set up in a rush. The venue was already packed at 9pm and most people heard our soundcheck "Ed" and grew restless during the ten minute wait to the real gig.

We'd have to say this has been our favourite gig yet. Big crowd, huge applause and a massive call for encore at the end of the set. The sound on stage was great, we all had heaps of energy and a lard-load of fun. The 9th Ward is an excellent venue, nice and cosy, cool stage and great vibe.

Being only the first act we didn't play an encore... maybe next time.

Oh yeah, SideShow, "four girls who love to play", and Vessel were good too. Thanks Vessel for having us along.

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