Thursday 5th Sep 2002
The Tote, Collingwood
9:20pm - Shiver
10:20pm - Photos Of Being
11:20pm - WALKEN
Lovers' Lane
One Of These Days
Give It Up
Pick Me Last
Glory (Misunderstood)
Free Ride
Blue Sky
In A Hitman's Brain
I Like It
Our main memory of this night is that we went on so late that we only had half-an-hour to play and that this was particularly irritating. It was also disheartening to have such a small crowd after our last Tote gig was so successful.

Walken review of the gig from 2002:
Well, we played out last gig for a bit on this night, and it went ok.

Shiver put together a nice batch of tunes, without their 'new guitarist' (who is gigging with them now). He watched from the sidelines as they played well, including a cover of the Foo Fighters' 'Big Me'.

Photos Of Being rocked, as per usual! Extra specially well, since they were being videos for an as-yet-unknown purpose...

Due to some time issues we had to compress our set to 30 minutes, so it was a stop-for-no one show, which lots of punchy fast-ness!

All in all not a bad turnout for a Thursday night, but unfortunately a lot of the crowd that came for Shiver seemed to have to go home...

A special happy birthday Danielle on the night too.

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