Friday 18th Oct 2002
"Glory (Misunderstood)" CD Launch
Armadale Hotel Upstairs, Armadale
8:45 - Rubber Bullet
9:30 - Photos Of Being
10:30 - beggardawn
11:30 - WALKEN
One Of These Days
Give It Up
Open Wounds
Pick Me Last
Lovers' Lane
"Driver 8" - R.E.M. (acoustic)
So Over It (acoustic)
Free Ride (acoustic)
Lego Woman
Blue Sky
In A Hitman's Brain
Fish Out Of Water
Right Again
I Like It
Huge night to support the release of the "Glory (Misunderstood)" single.

Debut of "Mosquito" and "Fish Out Of Water" and the last time Walken would play the R.E.M. cover "Driver 8".

Review - David Golding:
I arrived late at the Armadale on Friday the 18th of October, so I missed the three lead-in acts. When Walken kicked off their CD launch with 'One Of These Days' I knew I was there for the headline though. The people milling around the room filled out to be a crowd, an audience. The band played with confidence. Energy passed between us and the mix was just right.

What kind of band is Walken? Influences are easy to spot, Powderfinger, REM, Faith No More. A band that hasn't given up on rock. There were dancing songs, songs for moshing, songs to sway to. The set lasted for over an hour with no real breaks and only one cover, yet they didn't exhaust the play worthy material that their friends in the crowd kept calling for. That headline quality again, like a real band they have the depth to move from punk to pastiche pure pop, the skill to put together a set list that tells the crowd this is just for them.

After seven songs, including one well-received new song, the band transitioned into a short acoustic set starting with a cover of REM's 'Driver 8'. The cover was one of only two songs that misfired that night, with vocalist Heath Smith not quite making a match with the music. Let me quickly say that one of Walken's most obvious strengths to new new listeners is his beautiful voice and that during this gig he otherwise maintained his power and control.

The final part of the gig saw Walken return to electricity with 'Glory', the single that they were there to promote. (Notably they didn't play 'Lucy', the other fine studio song on the single.) This part also saw them play two of their older songs and another new song. The difference between the Walken of today and the Walken I saw play their first gig at the start of 2001 (apart from a changeover of drummers) is the blend of old and new, it is no longer distinguishable which song is more practised. The band, though clearly enjoying themselves, played tight and together.

Personally I haven't been so excited at a gig since I first saw the Mavis's, supporting Tea Party. And the rest of the audience was too big for everyone to have been friends of Walken and they were cheering plenty loud.
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