Thursday 14th Nov 2002
Evelyn Hotel, Fitzroy
8:45pm - WALKEN
9:45pm - Jess Cornelius & The Trophy Wives
10:45 - beggardawn
11:45 - Rambunctious
One Of These Days
Give It Up
Open Wounds
Free Ride
So Over It
Fish Out Of Water
I Like It
We played strangely slow this night, I guess we really were tired.

The first four songs were recorded by Channel 31's "Asylum TV" as well as an interview with the band. They broadcast about 2/3 of "One Of These Days" as well as mislabelling us "Walkeng".

Walken wrap-up of the gig from 2002:
Early gig at the soft-couch filled Evelyn. The first band of four we only had about 35 minutes so our set was cut short to 10 songs. It was another gig of tired+sick Andrew and Heath but we still rocked out.

Crazy interview with Channel 31, and most likely a song broadcast in a couple of weeks. More info as we get it.
  Mosquito (thanks to Channel 31)

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