Wednesday 11th Dec 2002
Empress Hotel, Fitzroy North
9:20 - House Red
10:20 - Photos Of Being
11:20 - WALKEN (acoustic)
Lovers' Lane
Blue Sky
Open Wounds
I Like It
Free Ride
So Over It
Glory (Misunderstood)
In a Hitman's Brain
Right Again
The Empress was having sound complaint issues so Walken decided to play acoustic, adding old drummer Bruce on second guitar.

Bruce added some nice extra background parts for Free Ride, Glory and a few other songs. Walken also rewrote Hitman into a slower, rumbling acoustic durge, with Bruce's wah-pedal-acoustic adding colour in the background. Sounded great... but they almost never played it like that again...

This was also one of the very rare times Walken played "Lucy" since their first gig with Leigh at The Tote.

Walken's website advert for the gig from 2002:
Our first gig at out local place of music - The Empress! Hopefully it will be a 'hot summer night', with some nice acoustic tunes flowing! Yum! :)

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