Friday 13th Dec 2002
Armadale Hotel Upstairs, Armadale
9:30pm - WALKEN
10:30pm - The Swift
11:30pm - d Henry Fenton
In a Hitman's Brain
One of These Days
Give It Up
Glory (Misunderstood)
Post Mixed Coke
Open Wounds
So Over It
Free Ride
Lovers' Lane
I Like It
Right Again
After the successful acoustic gig earlier in the week it was disappointing to play to almost no-one at this gig. Walken treated it as a jam/practice night and had a great time. The room did start to fill up toward the end.

Despite it being one of the first Walken songs written, this was the first time "Post Mixed Coke" was played live.

Walken's wrapup of the gig from 2002:
"We're Walken and this ones called In a Hitmans Brain and this is for Kenn"

Thanks to the Swift and D'Henry for an awesome gig.

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