Sunday 1st Jun 2003
Rob Roy Hotel, Fitzroy
Kanvas Grey - 11pm
Shoot the Genie - 10pm
WALKEN - 9pm
Sunny Disposition - 8pm
Old Kent Road - 7pm
Don't mess with the pony - 6pm
Ermintrude - 5pm
Plankton - 4pm
Ben's Own - 3pm
In A Hitman's Brain
One of These Days
Lovers' Lane
Free Ride (Fast Version)
Open Wounds
Give It Up
Blue Sky
Fish Out Of Water
I Like It
Wow, it was a long days night, but much fun was had!

Unforunately we were busy practising and eating, and missed Ben's Own and Plankton's sets. Will have to check them out on the Wireless CD.

- Ermintrude - 5pm

Nice! Music was excellent - sounded a bit like 'Something for Kate' / 'Smashing Pumpkins'. Vocals very unique accent - not 'American'! Yay!

- Don't mess with the pony - 6pm

Some nice bass grooves, Daniel most impressed! Nice acoustic work too.

- Old Kent Road - 7pm

Whoa! These guys burst out of the blocks, much energy on stage. The guitarist on the left was going sick! First and second songs particulary kick-ass. Good guys too after talking with! Big sound!

- Sunny Disposition - 8pm

Sunny's put in a good set, but cello seemed to be mixed a little low... hard to hear?

- WALKEN - 9pm

We blitzed through 11 songs in about 38 minutes. Very hot and much fun! Thanks for all the claps!

- Shoot the Genie - 10pm

Well the Genie was well and truly gunned down, with a kick-ass set of girl pop/rock. Hopefully will be doing some gigs with this girls soon, well done to new guitarist Michelle for playing on Andrew's amp - with SARS like flu!

- Kanvas Grey - 11pm

I unfortuntely missed most of this set 'cause was falling asleep by this time, but from what I heard there were some nice melodies and sweet music to be had!

All in all a fun night. Thanks to Brad and Brendan for organising it - I can't imagine the nightmare 9 bands could be!

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