Thursday 24th Jul 2003
The Cornish Arms, Brunswick
9:30 - 10:30 - WALKEN
10:50 - 11:50 - One Trick Pony
Lovers' Lane
One Of These Days
Blue Sky
Free Ride
Open Wounds
Give It Up
Post Mixed Coke
Lego Woman
Fish Out Of Water
Pick Me Last
Right Again
I Like It
In A Hitman's Brain
Glory not played at end due to us running overtime.

Strange folback probs at start, but later fixed due to hard-working Sir Mick.

THANKS TO ALL that came out! I love that venue and you guys made it an excellent night! There's something about playing to people at tables that's just unique. :)

Thanks to Mick for mixing (well done under stressfull circumstances) and to Luke for doing the lights as well - really really cool! Especially the 'mood' lighting during the 'romantic' numbers :)

Heath Walken

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