Saturday 3rd Jan 2004
Armadale Hotel Back Room, Armadale
9:30pm - WALKEN
10:30pm - The Greeting Method
11:30pm - ?
In A Hitman's Brain
One Of These Days
Blue Sky
Free Ride
Lego Woman
Lovers' Lane
I Like It
Interesting setlist this gig. We originally intended to do a heavier set due to the heaviness of the other two bands, however Daniel broke a string halfway through "One Of These Days". There were no spare bass strings so our song selection was reduced a little. Despite the carnage we pulled though and played a pretty good set. Big thanks to everyone who came. And big well done to Daniel for not crumbling under the preasure.

The last gig we played on this stage was way back in August 2002 and two of the songs from that gig appear on the Glory single. The Back Room Armadale stage has been updated with the equipment from the now closed upstairs room. Much better, great sound and foldback.

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